The Butterfly Girl

Reagan took her butterfly net to the mountains with us Saturday when we went to get firewood for Mick & Susan.  In between carrying loads of firewood, she would disappear.  Eventually, we’d catch a glimpse of the net bobbing through the trees, and we would know where Reagan was.


Reagan caught this Sulphur pretty early in the day.  It’s wing was already injured a little, so we put it in a cup thinking we’d take it home for her to “mount”.  Eventually, through the day, the butterfly healed nicely, and was fluttering around inside the cup so he won his freedom.  🙂


Reagan caught several more Sulphurs, a couple Skippers, and she came really close to catching a Painted Lady.  She’s working hard, studying, and doing everything she can  so that she can do a more involved project next year.