Harley’s Cooking Contest

Harley participated in the Morrow County Fair Quck and Easy Ground Beef contest yesterday.  She was provided with a pound of ground beef and had to make a “one-dish” type recipe within an hour.  She did a GREAT job!  It was her first time ever cooking in front of a judge, and with the exception of a little slice off her thumb, she didn’t have any problems!  Harley made nachos, and the judge said she never would have guessed it was Harley’s first time ever participating in a cooking contest.  Emma came down to watch the contest, as did Harley’s dad, Scott.  Harley got a huge surprise, though, when her uncle Jay showed up.  She was so very happy!


We weren’t able to find out what kind of placing she earned, and we have to wait for Monday to find out.  She did such a great job, I am so very very proud of her!

All four of our girls have many things they’re participating in at the fair next week, and I can’t wait!  They’ve all worked so hard to finish their projects and get ready, it will be great to see all their hard work pay off.