The Move

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We finally moved our storage shed from Aaron’s mom & Tom’s property down to ours.  It was definitely a fun process to watch!                Reagan had a blast “workin... Read More

A Lot of Bull

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One of the reasons we made the trip to Cove over the holiday weekend (the same weekend as the infamous cupcake eating incident) was so that we could take the girls to see the elk at the feeding statio... Read More

Cupcake Eating Etiquette

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Does not exist in my dad’s world.  One of his goals in life is to teach each of his grand kids how to eat a full-sized cupcake in one bite.  This past weekend was no exception. Katelyn is not ... Read More

Toot! Toot!

That’s the sound of me tooting my own horn.  Normally, I don’t like to do that, but what I want to talk about today is just too exciting for me to keep quiet about it.  I have been takin... Read More

You Mess with the Bull

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You Get the Horn!!     Emma decided she would be a smart alec during the break and try to wrestle with Mom.  It looked like Emma had  good handle on things for a while, then Mom got the upper ha... Read More

Life {Happens}

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and it is {Good} I have spent a lot of hours the past two months in this very position – or one similar to it.  It is the position of the Sideline Mom watching basketball.  Harley grabbed this... Read More