The Season’s Faire

The La Grande Arts Commission hosts two major events each year.  In the Spring they hold Arts for All, a hands-on event for area children.  In the Fall an annual art show and auction, The Season’s Faire is held to raise money to support Arts for All, local scholarships, and other activities supported by the Arts Commission.  I was fortunate several years ago to be one of the artists invited to exhibit in the show, and I have continued to do so every year since.  Part of the exhibition is also donating one piece for the auction.

The art show itself is jurried, and each year, the Commission invites a different juror to judge the show.  This year, one of my pictures was selected as an honorable mention, and I could not be more thrilled!  It is an honor for me because I show along side some amazing artists, including several photographers I grew up admiring!  It is a very humbling experience to hear your name called.  This picture of red leaves is the one I received honors for.


Saturday night was the opening reception for the show, as well as the charity auction.  My mom, sister, my sister’s friend Ev, and I have made this a traditional girls’ night out enjoying each others’ company, good food, great art, and a good time overall.  This year, my sister’s husband, Scotty joined us, and I had the cutest date ever – My Miss Emma.  She is getting to an age where it’s nice to be able to inclue her in some of the more “adult” activities that the other girls’ aren’t old enough for.

Today, I received a message from a friend that Emma and I were in the La Grande Observer, and my mom scanned the picture and sent it to me.  This picture was taken while the artists and their guests were listening to the juror talk about here selections and the reason she made the choices she did.  The juror is the lady to my immediate right.  It is funny to me to see this picture becaus eI didn’t even realize someone was there taking pictures.  🙂

seasons faire

seasons faire2

I had the most amazing time, I am completely excited and humbled, and I am thrilled to have shared this evening with four of my favorite ladies (Mom, Erika, Ev, and Em).