School Days

This year school brought along some big changes for our household.  We’ve made it through the first three weeks (almost) unscathed, and better off.  The new year is off to a great start for all of us!

Emma started high school this  year.  It’s hard to believe she’s old enough for it already because I sure don’t feel like I’m old enough to have a kid in high school.  She is still going to school in Heppner, and she is thriving!  She is playing JV Volleyball, and she is very exciting to watch!

EKO-1stDay1 EKO-1stDay2

Emma’s grandma, Ginger, is hosting two exchange students, Elisabeth and Emilie.  They seem to be fitting in well, and Emma is enjoying having a couple of girls her age around the ranch.


Harley and Katelyn changed schools this year – they are now Irrigon Elementary Scorpions!  Fifth grade seems like such a huge step up from fourth grade to me.  I’m not ready for all my babies to be growing up!

Not only did Katelyn start the year at a new school, she started it with a new smile – the braces went on the Friday before school started.

20090831-024 20090831-022

Harley and her big brother, Zach waiting for the bus on the first day.  Going to a new school for Harley means riding a different bus; an EARLIER bus.  She enjoys having Zach to ride with.  He is a student at my school.

1st day of school 2009 001 1st day of school 2009 003

From our household, Reagan is the last-man-standing at AC Houghton Elementary.  Reagan is excited about school as usual, and she is especially excited because her cousin Bailey is in her class this year!  It’s amazing to look at this last picture of the two of them and realize Reagan is two months older than Bailey – Reagan needs to start growing!  🙂  They have Mrs. Morgan this year for second grade.

1st day of school 2009 0111st day of school 2009 0191st day of school 2009 0211st day of school 2009 0181st day of school 2009 022

Last, but not least, Tod and Susie.  They had a bit of a culture shock when we all went back to school because there wasn’t anyone home to play with them during the day.  The quick little trip they get outside when I come home for lunch just doesn’t cut it for them!  Tod and Susie are getting ready to be parents – we’re expecting their first litter of puppes in about two weeks.  Susie is so fat and huge pregnant that she can’t even jump up onto the couch any more.  Poor girl!

20090831-005 20090831-004

I can’t wait to see what the rest of this school year brings us, it’s a great adventure we’re on!