The Door

The front door of our house is {red}.  My favorite color – Aaron’s least favorite color.  When we decided to paint our new home dark gray with white trim, he indicated that he thought the door should be white, too.  I really wanted a colorful door, but I could not think of any color that would look better than {red}.  It took FOREVER, but I finally convinced Aaron to let me paint it {red}on the condition that if he still absolutely hated it we could change it.  He doesn’t hate it, actually he really likes it – sometimes you just have to see something to “get it”.

This {red}door opens up into our foyer and great room.  The {red} is warm and inviting – something I hope our home is.  {Red} is the color of love – the foundation of our family.  {Red} is a strong color, and we are a strong family.  {Red} is the TOD Family.

If you look closely at the doormat in this picture, you’ll see it is very unique.  It was a housewarming gift from my parents; handmade by my dad.  Can you see what the different tones of wood illustrate?


Here’s a closer picture.  Can you see it now?  The “TOD” spelled out in darker wood in the center of the doormat.  I cannot imagine how long it took my dad to come up with the pattern to get our name “just right”, but I am so grateful he did.  This beautiful piece of artwork now sits in front of the {red}door welcoming visitors to our home.  It is exquisite!


This last picture is just to show the level of craftsmanship and detail it took to make this mat.  Each tile was vertically drilled, then thick wire fed through the entire width of the mat to hold each “row” in place.  So much very hard work – appreciated so much because it was done with love for us.


I am continually amazed and inspired by my dad’s creativity and talent.