Slowly, But Surely!

We have been working really hard this Spring and Summer getting our property ready for grass and landscaping.  Aaron has rototilled, sprayed weeds, rototilled some more, pulled weeds, and levelled the ground.  The back (North side) has now been seeded, covered with straw, and is being watered extensively – hopefully we’ll have grass before too long.  The front (South side) has been levelled and is ready for sod – maybe this weekend or next week in the evenings.

20090622-017 20090622-013  20090622-015

We have received lots of starts of plants from my parents and Aaron’s mom, Carol, so I’ve been able to get started on some of the landscaping that doesn’t involve grass.  The hardest part is working around all the sand and trying to keep it from blowing away!  We’ve planted Echinacea in the lower part of hte retaining wall – its a plant that is beautiful, and it will spread helping us with dust control until we know exactly what we want to do there.

20090623-044 20090623-053 20090623-049 20090623-048 

This year, I also have my first ever successful garden.  We have huge sunflowers, corn, tomatoes, radishes, cherry tomatoes, carrots, onions, pumpkins, cucumber, peppers, and peas.  The radishes are amazinglly HUGE – almost the whole size of my palm.

20090623-041 20090623-035  20090623-036 20090623-032 

We’re both really excited to have grass, and we’ll keep working hard through the summer.