Our Weekend In Pictures

The members of the TOD Household had a very busy weekend.  We started Thursday with Bear Day/Bear Night at the girls’ school.  Bear Day is for K-2nd graders and Bear Night is for 3rd-4th graders.  The younger kids stayedf after school, participated in different activities, had dinner, and the best part – they got to RUN and SCREAM in the halls!  Bear Night is the same type of activity, but the older kids get to stay the night in the gym at the school.  Friday morning we met Staci in Hermiston to pick up Emma, and she had a huge surprise for us – she cut off her hair!  It is so very cute, and it really fits her.  Friday night, we loaded up and drove to Heppner for a softball game.  Harley and Katelyn’s team was playing Emma’s little sister’s team.  It was great to be able to watch Shayna play, and the girls all had a fantastic time!  Saturday the girls and Aaron headed to Reagan’s coach pitch game and I went to Boardman to watch Breena play in the District Softball Tournament.  Irrigon placed third, and they will be advancing to the State Tournament and will play in Chiloquin on the 26th.  Finally, today, Aaron, Katelyn, and I wrapped up our weekend with a beautiful day boating on the river with friends.  Our weekend was packed full, and we enjoyed every minute of it!

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