Emma & Track

Emma has discovered that she loves running track as much as she hates playing softball.  She is a great hurdler and sprinter, and she is doing very well long jumping, as well.  For me, the best part about Emma participating in track is that I don’t have to miss out on watching her because Irrigon and Heppner are usually at the same meets.  I get to coach and be Mom all at the same time, it’s great! 

Emma still has a lot of friends in Irrigon.  At the beginning of the season, she kind of kept with the Heppner kids and didn’t really hang out with her Irrigon friends much.  As the season has progressed, though, the two groups have kind of ‘melded’ together a little bit, and more and more Emma is spending time with the Irrigon team.  It’s pretty funny to look across the field to see a blob of black with one bright blue dot right in the middle of it.

This sequence of pictures is  her trying to get away and out of the picture so I couldn’t prove she was sitting with the Irrigon kids – “Mooooooooooooooooooom (spoken with great whiney disdain)!”

20090426-121 20090426-122 20090426-123 20090426-124

And yet, here she is again . . and again . . . and again.

20090426-127 20090426-128 20090426-197

At least she has GREAT taste in friends!  🙂