Burr vs. Reagan

I have never given a second thought to which of their parents my kids resemble the most.  At this moment in time if Emma were transported back in time 20 years, she could easily pass for me.  Harley  looks very much like her dad and his siblings; though she also looks a lot like my younger sister did at her age.  Other than Reagan’s blue eyes and blonde hair, I have never really been able to pin her looks to either of us.  She’s just always been kind of a jumbled mix that wasn’t readily identifiable.

Until last week when I posted the picture of my dad when he was little.  Emma’s step-mom, Staci, and I were talking and she remarked at the striking resemblance between Reagna and my dad.  In actuality, she initially thought the picture of my dad was Reagan and was trying to figure out why I had posted a picture of her like that.  I had never noticed the similarities between them until Staci pointed it out.

After talking to Staci, I really started looking at the picture of Dad and at many pictures of Reagan throughout her life.  Dad has a bit skinnier face, but the resemblance between them is very identifiable.  They have the same mouths and noses, and even the same eyes.  Reagan’s face is chubbier, but their hair was very similar at this stage in their lives.

Dad vs. Reagan

These two.  They share more than similar looks.  They share a quirky sense of humor, intelligence beyond measure, and, for lack of a better term, you never know what smart ass remark is going to come from either of them next.  They are both adventurous, they love to learn, and they love to make others laugh.  On the flip side, get either one of them laughing, and their laugh is completely contagious – my dad’s high-pitched intakes of breath and Reagan’s screeching giggle. 

They also share me – daughter and mother – and I consider it a huge blessing to be the link between these two phenomenal individuals!