The Solution

Miss Reagan has struggled constantly with ear infections for the past year and a half or so.  Odd because she never really had many as a baby, and they just seem to be getting worse and worse as she gets older.  After months and months of treating the infections ineffectively, we were finally referred to an EENT.  As it turns out, she is having many ear infections, but they are secondary to a residual sinus infection.  She already has been diagnosed with allergies (though not specifically tested) and asthma which are likely the triggers for the sinus infections.  We have spent many a mile on the road back and forth between home, school, and doctors’ offices, and its nice to finally be at the “end” of the road.

Reagan will be having tubes put in her ears Friday.  She will also be having her adenoids removed.  The tubes are going to help alleviate the ear infections while the sinus infections are being investigated and hopefully resolved.  She is going to start allergy testing as well.

Even though we are opening up another round of trips to the doctor to check tubes, allergy test, etc., I am thrilled to finally have a resolution and a path forward for her.  My poor baby girl is hopefully finally going to go a full week without a plugged up head and earaches.

It seems like this has been Reagan’s second home the past few months, and it’s becoming an all-too-familiar sight (taken with my cell phone driving down the road).


It’s a huge blessing she likes to read and can entertain herself in the car on all these trips.