The Birthday Girl

We celebrated Reagan’s birthday with family on Sunday.  She doesn’t actually turn 7 until Friday, but she will be otherwise occupied that day (more on that later).  She is going to have friends over Saturday.

It’s hard for me to believe that my baby girl is 7 already.  She just has grown up way too quickly.  She is also much taller than either of her sisters were at this age (the dress she is wearing was too big for Harley at the end of Second Grade).  She is always learning – more curious than a cat, and she is full of laughter.  She has enough energy for 10 people, a mind that works at light-speed, and tthe most beautiful giving nature.  No “official” pictures of her yet for her birthday, just a few snapshots outside the front porch.  She’s my monkey.


We had a great time with our family here, and the girls loved playing with cousins Brooke, Cade, and Mya.

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Happy *almost* birthday, Baby Angel!