Patience Pays Off

I have a confession.  I am not, by nature, a very patient person.  I have such a hard time waiting for anything – especially if it is something I really really want.  Sometimes, though, logic takes over and I manage to rein myself in.  Over the past few years, I’ve managed to restrain myself and not purchase one particular item.  Every time I’ve walked near or through a Hallmark store, I always stopped in to take a look . . . and I have to admit, to check the price.  I never could bring myself to buy it, knowing there were other things our family needed, it just seemed too extravagant.

I am so thankful I never bought it because this morning when I opened my birthday gift from my parents, there it was!


It is the start of the Willow Tree Nativity Set.  I am so excited, and I am so grateful.  As much as I am glad that we’re moving into Spring and Summer, I can’t wait for Christmas to get here so I can put this out on display.  Thank you, Mom and Dad, I appreciate it and you so much!

At the bottom of the bag, wrapped in tissue was also a very surprising gift from my mom.  I thought it was something she purchased from a lady we both know of in La Grande, but once I talked to her tonight I found out she is the one who made it.  Thank you, Mom!


Thank you to everyone who called, sent e-mails, and well wishes for my birthday today, I appreciate the kind words and love.  Thank you!

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