Have consumed our lives again.  Emma’s basketball season started the beginning of December, and she’s been going strong ever since.  I am amazed at the difference in her agility from last year to this year.  She has changed and grown so much, that she seems more of a natural these days.  She went from being one of the smallest girls on her team last year to being one of the taller girls – she’s grown about 6-8 inches in the last year, and she’s still growing!

She’s turning into a stealing machine, and her “mad skills” are shining through.  Last weekend in Helix, she had a 16 point game, and again this week, she scored 8 against Pendleton.  Its funny when she scores because every time she makes a basket, she either smiles or you can tell she is trying to hold back a smile, and her face turns a little pink. 

She is exciting to watch, and the thrills never stop.  Here are a few highlights from the season:

20090203-065 20090203-080 20090203-120 20090203-145 20090203-149 20090203-170 20090203-174 

I love this picture of her with Ryan (Harley & Reagan’s cousin).


Their final game is on Valentine’s Day in Dufur, and while I’m ready for this very long season to be over, I’m also a little sad.  This is the last year Emma will play Junior High Basketball – next year she moves up to the big leagues.  I’m looking forward to it!