Happy Birthday, Baby Girl!

My baby girl turned 7 years old today.  It’s hard to imagine that this bright, bouncy little girl was once only 6-1/2 pounds and less than 20 inches long!  She is a wonderful, sweet little girl, and our lives are all a little richer because she is a part of them.

Today when Nana visted us at the surgery center, Reagan received two very special gifts from her Nana and Papa.  Nana made a cake just for her; it’s her very own princess cake complete with silver highlighted butterflies and flowers.  There is a chocolate checkerboard on the bottom layer and chocolate stripes on the top layer; butterflies and flowers circle the middle layer.  Reagan has eaten the butterflies off the top layer already, and she has assured me they are yummy!

rsd_surgery-015 rsd_surgery-018 rsd_surgery-019 rsd_surgery-020

Papa made Reagan a jewelry box.  True to Papa’s character, it is exquisite!  It has a carved sunflower on the top, and a removable “shelf” with compartments inside.  It is incredible, and Reagan has already put her jewelry in it.  It is fabulous, and Reagan loves it!

rsd_surgery-025 rsd_surgery-021 rsd_surgery-022 rsd_surgery-023

There is a very special brand on the bottom of the box.  Very few people in this world have anything hand made with this brand on it, and those who do are very fortunate.  They own a piece of true craftmanship that can never be duplicated.  The brand says, “Hand Crafted By Burr Betts”, and is burned in by my dad when he finishes a piece of woodwork.  He is amazing.


The seven years of Reagan’s life have been full of ups and downs and a few sideways trips, but they’ve always been an adventure.  I’m looking forward to the rest of the adventures she leads me on throughout her lifetime.

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