Reagan the Scientist

Over the past month or so, Reagan has been having science lessons with my mom.  She has been learning all about acids, bases, neutrals, and inert objects.  As part of her lessons, she got to do an experiment in front of all of us (a volcano).  Since we seem to have plenty of sand on our property, she just built a volcano there.

She explained that the baking soda was the base, the dish soap was the neutral, and the glitter (the blue stuff you see in the last picture) was inert.  The glitter is inert because it doesn’t react or do anything.  She then explained that the vinegar was the acid, and when acids & bases are combined, it causes a chemical reaction – in this case, the volcano explodes.

She did a GREAT job explaining everything, and presenting her experiment to all of us.  We’re VERY proud of her!


For some reason, I’m having a major brain fart and I can’t figure out how to rotate the video, so you’ll just have to watch them as is.  Enjoy!



Have a great week!