Big happenings in the Tolar Home lately.  The plumbing, framing, and mechanical inspections have all passed, and we’re almost done with the wiring.  The electrical inspection is scheduled for either Wednesday or Thursday this week.  After that, its insulation city!  Sheetrockers are coming Monday to hang the garage, so we will be insulating like crazy all weekend getting it ready for them.

After we got home from hunting Sunday, Aaron, Katelyn, and I stopped by so Aaron could help Dad and Tom put the French Door in place.  It’s not actually installed yet – just held in place with bracing for now – but we had to get it out of the kitchen area so Dad and Tom could finish that wiring.  We were supposed to only have a single-swing door (only one side opened), but the place we ordered our doors messed up the order and we ended up with a double-swing door (a big mistake in our favor), so that was a very nice surprise!


I even ended up helping – holding it in place from the outside when a couple of the braces fell off.  Katelyn was our photographer for the day, and she did a WONDERFUL job!

It seems as if we were moving at the speed of light over the summer, then slowed down in August, but all of a sudden, we’re back on the fast track.  I am astonished at how much has gotten done so quickly.  We really didn’t do any work in June (it was basically all contractor/concrete work), so we’ve been hard at it for a total of 13 weeks.  We are just now heading into our 14th week.  CRAZY!  That means we’re down to between 6 to 12 weeks before we move in – depending on whether or not you look at the aggressive schedule or the one we’re actually sort of following.  I can’t believe we’re that close already!