It’s A Wrap!

Yesterday I talked about how it was pretty hard to tell how much hard work was going on at the house lately because it was all internal – electrical and plumbing.


Apparently while I was sitting on my hind end at work yesterday my parents, or “the geezers” as my mom would say, spent the day “wrapping” our house in Tyvek.  Aaron and I tried to put on the house wrap Sunday, but it was too breezy which made it very frustrating.  Once again, today, I was sitting on my hiney while my parents were working theirs off!  Today they installed ALL of our windows!  I can’t believe what a difference two days made!

Hey folks, we’re ready for siding!


This is my favorite spot in the huse right now – the breakfast nook.  I love the way the windows look and I love the view you see from the inside.  I think one of the reasons I like it so much is because I know that once we’re moved in, it will be the place we congregate.  It will be breakfast in the mornings before leaving for school, it will be the place the girls do their homework after school while I’m getting dinner ready, or just a general place to hangout and enjoy our new home.


Today after school the girls rode the bus to the property and hung out with my mom and dad because I had to run to town.  On their way to the house from the bus stop, they found these two sunflowers and decided that the house needed some decoration.

I think they’re perfect.