Just Mom

Have I ever mentioned how AWESOME my mom is? It took me a while (especially after my teen years) to realize just how awesome she is. I’m a lucky girl.

She left a comment on my last post, “Passionate“. It is an awesome comment, and I decided that I would post it here.

Just yesterday I re-read one of my favorite quotes from Maya Angelou…”Some of the things I know, I know only because older women have told me their secrets. I have lived and am living long so that I can tell my secrets to younger women. That’s the reason we women go on improving.”

I am passionate about the passionate young women I had the privilege to help mold as they were growing up…Amy and Erika…and Amy’s hero Martha. These women will tell you that I am passionate about many things…LIFE and LIVING LIFE, righting wrongs, correcting or preventing injustices, never, ever forgetting that this world INCLUDES me, but doesn’t REVOLVE around me.

I learn everyday from older women, but just as much from younger women. I only hope I can teach as much as I learn….

Today’s lesson….LIVE everyday with no regrets. Ask yourself as you fall asleep “What have I done today to make me or someone else proud? Who did I help today? Who will remember something I did or said today.” Even if the answer is “just me”, it was a great day.

just mom

So, to someone who, to me, is not “just mom”, but teacher, hero, inspiration, mommy, advisor, confidant, mother, guidance counselor, external conscience, and friend, THANK YOU for taking the time to teach me, love me, inspire me, mother me, scold me, forgive me, and mold me into the person I am today.

I love “just mom”.