Wild Horses, Wild Babies, Wild Nanas, and

Wild, Crazy Life.

That’s what it seems like lately, anyway. I don’t seem to have much time for anything other than running from here to there, doing this or that until each night when I fall into bed. I love my life, and I love that I have outgoing active kiddos (thank goodness they’re only in one activity a piece), but sometimes, I feel like I’m juggling glass balls and I’m starting to lose my concentration. I am thankful for the life I lead, and even with all its ups and downs, it is a charmed life. I have four beautiful, healthy daughters, a WONDERFUL, adoring husband, and I am content and happy.

This past weekend, I was able to take part in a scrapbooking retreat weekend. Just me. No kids. No husband. I took our camp trailer to spend the weekend in, and I didn’t have a single schedule I had to live by (except for Sunday morning when it was my turn to cook a meal and I had to cook breakfast). My friend, Tina, came up Friday afternoon and spent the weekend scrapbooking, too. My mom drove back and forth from La Grande every day and got a lot of work done, too, and my sister even made it up one day (with the twins).

I got over 90 pages completed in my scrapbooks (45 front/backs), I am caught up for the year 2007, and I have the remainder of my photographs all sorted. I am relaxed, rested, and my mind is at peace again. It was a successful weekend.

My mom, Donna, with the twins, first Kendric

then Kayleigh (Mom will probably kill me for adding this picture, but I LOVE it).

On the way home Sunday afternoon, I took the backroads through an area where I know a herd of wild horses roams. I have been trying to get pictures of these horses for several years, and I was finally successful. I only wish I would have had more time to get better pictures. The mommies and their babies were so cute! They didn’t want to stay around long when I stopped, so I took a couple pictures and left so I didn’t disturb them too much.

Off to fall into bed one more time this week, then one more day to get through!