My Father’s Legacy

My dad, an animal behaviorist, has been studying bats for many years. The girls and I have spent lots of time with him while he’s doing his research, and they’ve all loved seeing and learning about the bats. They especially love when he brings one out for them to feel and touch and get up close and personal with.


Reagan has apparently REALLY gotten into bats and their habits. She’s been sick this week, and last night I went into her room to check on her before I went to bed. When I knelt down next to her bed to make sure she was doing alright, I was greeted by a 12″ big furry brown bat hanging from the braces of the upper bunk!

Apparently she took her stuffed animal bat, wrapped its wings around its body, and hooked it’s feet over the brace so it could “sleep” like it was supposed to. How cute was that?
So, my Father’s legacy lives on in at least one of his grandbabies:

My dad is my hero, so I can’t imagine a better person for one of my girls to pick for theirs. I am so in love with the realization that my girls are learning so much and carrying on a legacy started by someone who is so special to me.

So, my Batman’s Legacy lives on!