My Miss Em

Emma’s school had their monthly student body assembly today, and I went because Emma’s class was performing a short play. It was pretty cute, it was about farm animals who were too old and were no longer useful on the farm so they were heading to “Brementown” to become big rap stars. Emma played one of the “back-up” rappers and wore one of Aaron’s T-Shirts and a pair of his jeans ~ she was completely swimming in them! She did a great job!

The highlight of the assembly, for me, though was when the teachers gave out their Student of the Month Awards. Emma’s teacher awarded her the “Caring Student of the Month Award” this month because she said Em was one fo the most thoughtful, caring students in her class. She’s always helping the other students, and is always willing to lend a hand. Normally parents are notfied prior to the assembly so they can make sure to be there, but this time, Mrs. Luke forgot to let us know so it was a complete surprise to not only Emma, but to me, as well!

How wonderful is it that I have raised a daughter who is so sweet and helpful to the other students in her class? I am so proud of her!

I caught this picture of Reagan today ~ she was sitting in the chair next to me watching cartoons very intently. I was trying to get a picture of her profile, but she turned and looked at me & I snapped this one.

Just a rooster we saw on our way to school this morning. I thought he was awfully pretty & needed to have his picture taken.