All of my girls have wonderful imaginations, and I love it! I love that they can entertain themselves, make a game out of a few sticks and a piece of string, or just plain have fun dreaming of all sorts of neat things. Reagan is probably the most imaginative of all four of them.

Reagan has an imaginary friend. It’s not a big deal, I’ve just played along and patronized her with it. It’s actually been kind of cute. But, boy does that girl have an imagination!

Spike is Reagan’s imaginary friend. She informed me the other day that he was the new kid here in town, he moved to Irrigon just to be with her because he loves her so much. She told Yvette Whitbeck that “he just understands me”, and the two of us nearly wet our pants we laughed so hard.

The girls and I stayed at my parents’ house Friday night. During dinner, my mom went over to check on Reagan and found about half of Reagan’s food on her napkin. My mom told Reagan to put her food back on her plate, stop playing, and just eat. Reagan replied, “But Nana, that’s Spike’s dinner.” Mom told her that as long as she & Spike ate everything then that was fine.

It’s wild, I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next!