I always feel good when I go out and “get back to Nature”. I know it sounds corny, but I love it. I love getting out away from the everyday worries and stress, the hustle bustle of life, forgetting about it, and just enjoying the scenery and beauty around me.

I took a drive to the Wildlife Refuge Sunday morning, did a little walking, just having a good time looking for animals. I saw quite a few deer, a couple hawks, and amazingly enough, a HUGE Bald Eagle that let me get really close to take his picture. It was almost like he was modeling for me. I wish it would have been a beautiful, clear day so the sky wasn’t so dreary behind him, but he’s still beautiful. I think the closest I got was bout 50 feet from the base of the tree, I didn’t want to disturb him too much. Of course, I didn’t have a long lense with me that day, either. Bummer.

My eagle friend:

I also found these Mallards sunning themselves on the bank of a pond, and I liked the way the reeds and the ducks reflected in the water.

It was a great day, I came home relaxed, and refreshed. Love it!