I have started working on a project for a group of organizations in La Grande and Harley, Reagan, and I spent most of this past week at my mom & dad’s in Cove. The girls got to hang out with... Read More
My parents have the most wonderful yard and garden. In their front yard, below the deck they have this lush, gorgeous pond and stream. They built a pergola along one side of it, and in the pergola, th... Read More
I always have a hard time taking pictures of Katelyn and getting “natural” expressions out of her. She and I went to Cove to my parent’s house for a night, and this morning, we had a... Read More
These sunflower fields are near where my parents live, and they are GORGEOUS! I couldn’t keep myself from stopping to take a few pictures of them.   Follow **At times you’ll find some aff... Read More
Just a quick shot of Elis, Chase’s older sister. She’s gorgeous inside and out, but is definitely a typical 12-year-old! Follow **At times you’ll find some affiliate links scattered ... Read More
today, and I didn’t take a single picture!The girls and I went to the Pendleton Aquatic Center with my friend, Janet, her two boys, and three additional “kid” friends. The kids all k... Read More
and Batgirls . . . This bat was soooooo small, it was incredible. It’s a baby, but is about half-grown. Those are my dad and Emma’s fingers (including her nasty fingernail polish) in the p... Read More