Anticipating Rainbows

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In five days, I will be seeing rainbows all over, and I can’t wait! [youtube] It’s time for me to be a Color Runner!... Read More

First & Last

For all three of my girlies, as with most kids around Eastern Oregon, today was the first day back to school after summer break.  I love the first day of school each year; it signifies the opportunit... Read More

Emma & Thor

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Last week was the Morrow County Fair, and it was Emma’s next to last year showing pigs for 4-H.  This year, her pig’s name was Thor.  He was HUGE!  I was able to go to Heppner Thursday ... Read More

Besty, Bestie, Betsy . . .

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I have known these two lovely ladies for nearly exactly 22 years . . . I met them both the August before I started my Senior year in high school.  After a lot of turmoil, unhappiness, bad grades, and... Read More

Harley’s Day

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Harley is headed to Pacific University for the next few days for a hard-core, intense dance camp, and the two of us made the trip to Portland today. We spent the day stopping wherever we wanted, hikin... Read More


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To celebrate the end of the term, Todd and I decided to go golfing. Luckily, our friend, Justin, was able to join us.... Read More