My “Tween”

I don’t even know how to express how I feel about this image of Emma ~ she is growing up so fast it seems as if my head is spinning. She’s now what society is calling a “tween”... Read More


I always have a hard time taking pictures of Katelyn and getting “natural” expressions out of her. She and I went to Cove to my parent’s house for a night, and this morning, we had a... Read More

Ahhhhhh, Sweet

Success! I couldn’t have asked for a better re-shoot of Chase. He was in a MUCH better mood, and I got lots of great images. Here are three of my favorites . . . (J- one’s a surprise for y... Read More


I LOVE this age ~ they don’t need directed in what you want them to do, they don’t give “cheesy” smiles, and they’re just fun to be around. How refreshing is that?... Read More


I recently took some images of a friend’s daughter. Here are several different ones, some with several different “finishes”. I LOVE this age ~ they don’t even need directed in ... Read More

Pow Wow

I took Harley & Reagan to the Pow Wow at Wildhorse on June 24, and we had a great time! These are my two favorite images from the dance competition.... Read More


The girls were sitting on this log waiting for me to take their picture (I was going to have them turn towards me & look over their left shoulders) when I caught this moment. Truly one of my favor... Read More

Gorgeous Girls

Part of my next assignment is to duplicate a fashion photo. I took a couple girls I know out and did some modeling pictures. Some of these followed the guidelines for te assignmetn, some were just for... Read More