5 thoughts on “To Tuesday October 4

  1. FAFSA – glad that worked easily for you this year. With 5 kids, and the last a Junior in college, we are looking forward to FAFSA days being a thing of the past!

    How nice to get compliments on your new piece while wearing it to work. What will your next fabric choice be?

  2. Wow… what a week! I am so glad your son is okay and hope his recovery is quick and easy! I remember going through the FAFSA stuff with my oldest daughter. Your picture summed up the experience perfectly. I burst into laughter! I hope you have an easier and less stressful week!

    1. Yes, the FAFSA experience is one of a kind! Terrance is healing very well, and we’re all finally getting back to normal.

  3. You definitely had a week! I’m so glad you are being gentle with yourself….it’s a great reminder for me. Such lovely sewing projects and pictures!

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