When we were at our LARP event a couple weeks ago, I took some pictures of the foliage in the woods of the Blue Mountains; however, the weekend was mostly overcast, dark, and dreary, so a lot of them didn’t turn out well.  I do have a few I snuck in during sun breaks that I really like, though.

I was even fortunate enough to get super close to a dragonfly, and he let me make a portrait of him.  Indian Paintbrush and Wild Iris are blooming like crazy right now.

EO_Flora-01 EO_Flora-08 EO_Flora-09

Mushrooms living off an old, dead tree.  I love the way nature recycles.


I am sure I have seen mushrooms like this one before, but I don’t remember them catching my attention as much as these did.


I was really drawn to the vertical lines on the underside of this mushroom, and I love how it looks in black and white!



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