Moda Sampler Block Shuffle 2015 – Blocks 25, 26, & 27


I ran across the Moda Sampler Block Shuffle 2015 project at Bear Creek Quilting Company and decided it would be a fun project to try.   I am still a bit behind on making/posting the blocks, but I do have all the pieces cut, I just need to sew the blocks together.

For this project, I am using the fabric Good Neighbors designed by Amanda Jean at Crazy Mom Quilts. The fabric is sold exclusively at Connecting Threads.

Block 25


I started using some of the low volume fabrics from this line to fill in the background of some of the blocks because I started to run out of the solid I had started with.  I think that if I randomize them throughout the quilt, they will look really good with the blocks that have a solid background.  For Block 25, I used a fabric with a horizontal stripe  for the main fabric, and the low volume dashed diagonal lines for the background.

Block 26


Block 26 was really easy to assemble – four HST and five squares.  I am really liking the “X” pattern and polkadots together.

Block 27 

I love the combination of pink and turquoise together!  By itself, Block 27 is really busy, but I think once I place it in the quilt with some tamer blocks near it, it will really stand out.

Only three blocks left to make, and then I can start assembling the quilt!  I am super excited to see how it turns out.

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