In a Nutshell

Amy IMG_0807

Growing up as the daughter of a wildlife biologist in Eastern Oregon, the majority of my time as a child was spent in the outdoors while my dad conducted his research. As a result, I developed a love of nature and a great appreciation of the stunning beauty surrounding us. As a child, I was given my first camera, and I discovered the magic of capturing a single moment and preserving it forever on film.  I further fueled my desire to learn about photographic techniques through structured courses in school.

“Art has always been a part of my life, and as I have grown older, I have found new artistic ways to express myself. My parents believe that immersion in art and culture are a necessary part of a child’s life, and therefore, I was exposed to many different forms of art throughout my life.  Art was taught to me as a way to express feelings, to connect with others, and to stimulate change.”

Through experiences with moments in nature, I takes the time to reflect and appreciate the beautiful simplicity of the natural elements that are working together symbiotically. There is something unique and interesting about the way the light kisses fronds of grass and reflects off the wood and wires of an old fence that project a mood I strives to capture in my images.

Photography is a cathartic force in my life, and I am drawn to nature photography for it’s therapeutic value. My goal as a photographer is to provide beautiful, compelling images that capture the spirit and nature of the subjects I capture while forcing the viewer to have to look further into my work in order to decipher the subject matter and meaning.”

I live in Union County with her family. When I am not busy with photography, I enjoy being outdoors hiking, fishing, and camping with my family.