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Post-A-Day 2011:  Describe the best road trip you’ve ever taken.

Road trips.  Everyone has taken one at one point or another in their life.  Sometimes road trips are taken out of necessity – the need to get to a place for a function, event, or appointment.  Sometimes they’re taken to help someone else.  There are road trips taken to attend major sporting events.  Sometimes road trips are taken just for fun – no plan, no schedule, just driving, sightseeing, and relaxing.

I’ve taken a lot of road trips in my life.  I’ve taken road trips to help friends move, for vacation, to sporting events.  Some road trips I took were because I had to go somewhere, not because I wanted to go.  There are two road trips I have taken that stand out to me, though, both for very different reasons. 

The first is a trip my friend, Crindalyn, and I took the summer after we graduated from high school.  We decided we wanted to go camping for a weekend.  I’m not sure how we decided that our  trip would be to the Owyhee reservoir outside of Ontario, but that’s where we ended up.  We camped, swam, floated, drove into Ontario to cruise the strip in the “big city”, and we had A LOT of fun.  It was a the first trip we took by ourselves and it was sort of our “coming of age” experience.  In just a short time after the trip, I would be heading to Whitworth College in Spokane, and she would be staying in La Grande to attend Eastern Oregon University.  It wasn’t the longest or most expensive road trip I’d ever been on, but it was definitely one of the funnest!  I tried to find other pictures from that trip, but this is the only one I could find.

The other road trip that ranks amongst my favorites is  the trip I took to Montana last May.  Unfortunately, I was making the trip to celebrate the life of my uncle who had just passed away, so the trip itself wasn’t made for a fun reason.  It had been many years since I’d been to Montana to see any of my relatives, and I was happy to be seeing all of them.  It was the first time Katelyn got to meet any of them.  The best part of my trip was the return trip home.  The girls and I took a detour on the way home and instead of our trip taking 4-5 hours like it should have, it took nearly 13 hours.  I took the girls up through the Flathead Indian Reservation, to Flathead Lake, down through Ronan, and back to the main freeway.  The length of the trip and the scenery were fantastic, but they weren’t the best part by any means.  The best part of the trip was spending such a great time with the girlies.  They didn’t have one single fight on the drive home (which was amazing), and it capped of a fantastic week in Missoula with my family. 

There was one big disappointment about the trip – Aaron had to work, and Emma had to stay home because she was getting ready for the District Track Meet.  If they would have been there, then it would have been the best road trip ever!

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