Miss Katelyn

Katelyn turned 12 yesterday.  It’s amazing to me that she has been part of my life for so long already, and that our time together has flown by.  Katelyn is – for lack of a better word – a goofball!  She loves to joke, laugh, and have a good time.  Her giggles are contagious, and you can’t help laughing when she’s around.  She is beautiful, loving, and smart.  And, even though she was not born as my natural child, she is as much mine as any of the others.  She is the daughter I never knew I was missing.

We had a nice little family party last night.  Mick & Susan; Tom & Carol; Pat, Tera, & Brooke; and Aaron, Reagan, and I were all here to celebrate with her and have cake and ice cream.  The grandpas really got into the celebration, donning bows on their heads.  We had a great time!

Miss Katelyn:

 I am so happy to have been able to celebrate the past eight birthdays with this beautiful girl, and I can’t wait to celebrate many many more!

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