The Spirit Box

When Heppner Volleyball makes it to State, there is apparently a tradition I was unaware of until this year.  I have only known about it for a week, and I love it!  It is the Spirit Boxes that the moms make and put together for the girls to take with them on their journeys.  Each mom decorates her own daughter’s box, and then provides enough of one item to go in each box, including the coaches and managers.  The items put in the boxes can be funny (like sleep masks), food (power bars, etc.), or novelties. 

Staci & I had a hard time figuring out what to put in, so the team got a couple of items from us.  We gave them each a necklace with their number (or initials for the coaches & manager), punch balls, and mirrors with the definition of the word “warrior” on them.  Reagan insisted on making each of them a friendship bracelet, but since they can’t wear them during the games, she made them big enough to wear on their ankles.  Emma said the whole team is going to wear them during their game against Reedsport tomorrow.

I often feel like I miss out on a lot of Emma’s school life because she lives in a different town, so to be included in this meant a lot to me.  I loved being able to make her something special to send her on her adventures this weekend.

Emma’s Spirit Box.

Packed with the goodies Staci & I contributed.  I wasn’t able to attend the get-together where all the boxes were assembled, so I don’t have a picture of them finished.

Reagan’s Ankle Bracelets

The punch balls – GRIN.

The Warrior Mirrors

The “You’re a Star” Necklaces

My own personal note to Miss Emma since I am not able to travel to her game this weekend.

I am looking forward to putting many more Spirit Boxes together – hopefully with a win tomorrow, I’ll be putting another one together for next weekend!

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