Harley at the State Fair

Harley and her step-sister, Brieanna, performed in the talent show at the Morrow County Fair, where they placed second in their age group.  Unfortunately, the kids who placed first were not able to make the trip to the State Fair, so the girls got to go instead.  They were so excited, and they have spent as much free time as they could since the county fair practicing.  The big day finally came this weekend, and Scott and Brenda took them to Salem for their performance.

They did such a great job, and I am so very proud of them for getting up in front of all those people to perform.  I would never have  been able to do it at their age – I would have been scared to death!  I sent my pocket camera with Harley and she took a few pictures.  Scott and Brenda used it to video their performance for me (thanks, guys!).


What kid doesn’t make goofy faces on their parents’ camera when given the opportunity?

Here’s the video, it’s long, but worth it!


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