Lambs & Pigs

I feel like I’m playing catch-up, which, I guess, I am.  The past few months have been crazy busy with track, softball, school, and all sorts of other activities.

In the middle of May, Harley, Katelyn, and Reagan picked out their 4-H lambs with the rest of their group.  We ended up with three wethers (boys) this year.  Harley named her’s Konka, Katelyn’s is Jets, and Reagan’s is Rex.  They’ve really been working hard getting their lambs ready to show at the fair.

Picking out lambs:

Working with their lambs at home:

Emma is showing pigs again this year, and she has two boars, Melman and Marlin.  Melman came from Idaho, but Emma bought Marlin from her Uncle Rick and Aunt Amy.



I am excited for the Fair to see all the girls hard work pay off for them!

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