Buzzzzzzzzzzz . . .

The other day I was wandering around our yard looking at all the work we’ve done.  My favorite shrubs so far are the Butterfly Bushes just because they are so beautiful, and they smell so nice.  While I was looking at one of the Butterfly Bushes, I saw the absolutely biggest bumble bee I have ever seen!  It was gigantic as far as bumblebees go – at least as big around as a Sharpie marker and an inch or more long.  I was so amazed, I ran into the house and grabbed my camera so I could grab some pictures.  I used my macro lens and was able to get really close to it.


The bee started to fly just as I snapped this picture, but I really don’t mind that it is out of focus.  The flower is in focus, and I love the action it demonstrates.  🙂

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