She’s a Stud (ette)!

Reagan, that is.

The next step in the treatment process for her chronic sinus/ear infections after having tubes put in her ears and her adenoids remved was allergy testing.  We have been going in weekly since the week before Spring Break to test her for allergies.  The first time we went, she had seven shots (all in one arm), and she cried and cried and cried!  I don’t think they hurt her much, rather, I think it was more a fear of the unknown.  The next time, she had thirteen shots between two arms, and she just teared up twice.  Both times, I forgot to take my camera, but today, I finally remembered.

Today, she had thirteen shots again!  Three of the injection sites didn’t react as much as they are required to, so she had three additional shots.  Sixteen shots total – eight in each arm, and not one tear or complaint!  She is so brave, tough, and she knows that all this pain will be worth it in the end when we’re finally able to treat the allergies that plague her so awfully much!  She has taken each step of this process in stride, and I am so proud of her!

This is Tammy, she is Reagan’s allergist, and I think she is one of the big reasons Reagan is so comfortable with the process.  She is awesome!


The process is basically this . . . she is injected with several different allergens, we wait ten minutes, and then we measure how big the “bumps” get!  If they get big enough (9 millimeters), then we’re done.  If not, then they are re-tested with a stronger serum.

20090406-008 20090406-002 20090406-006 

We have one more round of testing left, then the office will be able to make her allergy shot serums, and she will be able to start her allergy shots.

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  1. Oh man … I remember those days too well of all the pokes and waiting and watching!

    Good Luck Reagan!!

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