We’ve had a busy couple of weeks.  The three little girlies are running full-steam playing softball, Emma and I are right in the middle of the Junior High Track season, and Aaron’s chemical application season is starting to wind up, as well.  Right in the middle of all the action, I had to head to Bend for a conference.

Harley and Katelyn have had several games, and they have won all of them so far.  Last night was Reagan’s first game in Boardman – at the same time as Harley & Katelyn’s game in Irrigon.  Aaron & I split the duty.  I’ve already watched Harley and Katelyn play, so I headed to Boardman with Reagan for her first game.  She did a fabulous job and had two hits!

20090421-045 20090421-046 20090421-048 20090421-060 20090421-063 20090421-062 

Reagan’s game ended early enough we were excited to be able to make it back to Irrigon to see the tail end of Harley & Katelyn’s game.  UNFORTUNATELY, when I went to start my car, I discovered the battery was dead.  After Reagan’s coach and the coach of the opposing team (one had jumper cables the other the running battery) came to my rescue, jumped my dead battery, and saved the day, we raced back to Irrigon in time to catch the last inning of Harley & Katelyn’s game.  It was a fabulous night, and it was so great to be able to see them all doing something they love so much!

20090421-071 20090421-079 20090421-081 20090421-086

Reagan’s step-brother and step-sister are also on her team, so her dad was there to watch as well.  I don’t normally eavesdrop or pay too much attention when the girls are talking to their dad, but I happened to catch this little moment of Daddy telling his baby girl how proud he was of her and what a great job she did.  Regardless of our past, Scott is a fabulous father, and any little girl would be lucky to have a daddy who is half as good to her as he is to his girlies.


Moments like these are what she is going to remember when she is a grown-up little girl who still adores her daddy, just like this already grown-up girl does.

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  1. I love what you said about Scott and his two Girls. BUT i can say Jess is a “VERY WONDERFUL” Father as well to his Three Kiddos…. Happy Thurday to you All…. 🙂

  2. SWEET!
    I would agree that Scott is an awesome Daddy!
    Sweet picture, and awesome that you were able to capture that and share it here!

  3. oh man those pictures take me back…I played little league on those same fields 🙂

    The blue stars on the H & K socks…FUN!!

    Spring is such a fun time but man the schedule is soooo C-R-A-Z-Y!!

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