Then & Now

My own version.

Aaron is notorious for NEVER deleting pictures off his memory card, even after it’s been downloaded.  So, today, while I was dowloading the pictures from Katelyn’s assembly yesterday, I found some pictures of Tod from when we first got him and some more recent ones from around Christmas-time.

Here he is right after we got him – he was 8 weeks old then.  He was also only 7″ tall when sitting – floor to the tip of his ears.  He weighed just about 2.5 pounds.

20090121-086 20090121-088

And, here he is now – he is nearly 10 months old, and he is 15 inches – floor to the tip of his ears (he’s full-grown now).  He now weighs nearly 7 pounds.


He’s awesome – he has such a wild personality.  He loves to be right in the mix of everything, and he can’t stand beling left out.  He loves to play fetch, tug-of-war, and he really loves to “rip” around the house like a little wildman!  He fits right in with the girls, he’s quite the little socialite!

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