Girls’ Night Out

It is not very often that Emma is the only girlie we have here, but yesterday was one of those days.  Katelyn was at a friend’s birthday party, and Harley & Reagan were at their dad’s house, so I got to have a day with just my big girl!  We decided to make a date of it and have a Girls’ Night Out.

We spent the afternoon at the high school basketball games against Elgin, and she got to visit with a lot of her friends from Irrigon while we were there.  It was nice to see her just slip right back into the little hole that was left when she changed schools.  Its comforting knowing she still has those connections here.

After the games, we had a movie date, and we watched Bride Wars.  Cute, cute, cute!  It was a great movie.  I am positive that Aaron’s choice to “pass on that” was probably a good one, though, because it is definitely a chick flick!

You can never have a Girls’ Night Out without the obligatory self portraits with the camera, right, so here are ours.  We even took a funny one at the end just for fun!

img_0022 img_0024 img_0025

Thank you Emma, for such a WONDERFUL weekend, fabulous day and evening together, and great time today.  You truly are an amazing girl, and I love you more than the world itself!

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