Progress – December 10

We are still experiencing GORGEOUS sunsets!  This one is from Tuesday night.  It’s nice because it’s a moment in time that forces you to stop, take notice, and appreciate true beauty.


Aaron and Jason installed most of the siding in the “U” part of the house on Tuesday.  Yesterday Dad and Tom finished the inside of the “U”, and they completed the gable above the Master Bedroom and Master Bathroom.  Today they finished the final gable above the garage, and the very last piece of siding was installed.  IT IS DONE!


The girls’ vanity top is on (not installed), and it is GORGEOUS!  I love how well it coordinates with the tile, countertop, and floor tile!  The tile in our bathroom has been grouted.  It loos gross here, but the finished result is stunning!

20081210a-007 20081210a-008

Yesterday and today, Aaron’s mom, Carol, came down and painted doors and trim with my mom.

20081210a-009 20081210a-010 20081210a-012

Finally, Mr. and Mrs. Moose have come to live at our house (a gift from Tom & Carol), and they are patiently waiting for the rest of our Christmas decorations to show up.  Carol also gave us a bag of Christmas ornaments and decorations, and they were part of it.  For now, they are watching over our house from the top of the sink cabinet until we find them a more permanent home.


Aaron and I started organizing and packing up this house preparing to move.  The kitchen counter will be here Monday, the carpet will be at the installer’s on Wednesday, the replacement cabinet door for the kitchen will be here next week, we will start laying laminate as soon as the siding is done, and we can start installing trim any time.  My dad made a punch list of items left to complete, and I’m going to get a copy of it from him so I can keep track of it here.  WE LOVE SCRATCHING THINGS OFF THE PUNCH LIST!  With the siding complete, the only stuff to finish on the outside before we move in are steps to the decks.  We are also going to finish as much of the front landscaping as we can with stepping stones, sod, edging brick, and solar lights.

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