My Dear Mother

I wish I had a picture of what she’s been working on so I could show you exactly how hard she’s working, and what she’s working on.  On Saturday, the two of us started installing the insulation in the floor.  Doesn’t sound so hard, right?


Installing the insulation in the floor means we had to go into the crawlspace.  Luckily, since our house is new construction, the crawlspace is big enough that moving around is not too hard.  Most of the time.  It means belly crawling under the main HVAC vent because its too big to just crawl under.  It means pockets full of sand.  It means insulation fibers in our skin, sand in our hair, and very very sore muscles.  It means maneuvering around piping, HVAC ductwork, and drain pipes.  Mom and I both worked together Saturday and Sunday installing.

When I went back to work Monday, my Mom went back under the house.  Again on Tuesday, when I went to work, she went back under the house.  Working hard all by herself getting the insulation installed.  She has completed all of it except for 6 bays and a couple additional bays where there is still ductwork that needs to be completely installed (for the oven and stove).

I felt completely guilty knowing she had such a crummy job and didn’t have anyone to help her.  She is such a trooper, and I am so thankful to have her working on this project.

Thank you, Mom, I hope you know just how much you are appreciated.

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