Rah! Rah! Rah!

Emma LOVES volleyball, and she has had a great season!  Yesterday, her team played in their last regular-season game at Pilot Rock, and today was theri District Tournament.  They have had a good time this season, and they have done well.  It is so odd to me that she played in her last Junior High volleyball game, and that I will be watching her playing at the High School level next year.  I hate that she is growing up so fast, but I also really enhoying the young lady she is turning into.

The three little girlies had to go with me to work yesterday morning and made posters to cheer Emma on.  The also went with me to Pilot Rock yesterday.  Reagan kept herself entertained by working more on her poster.  She had a good time making her poster.


My Mis Em – she has improved so much from last year; I am so very very proud of her!


Since yesterday was their last game, I made cupcakes for her team and coaches.  Yellow frosting with their numbers on them in blue.  Those girls DEVOURED them!

Good job this year, sweetie!


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    Great pictures & way to spike that ball Emma!! You’re a natural!

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