Groovy, Baby!

This week is Spirit Week at Irrigon High School.  Our Homecoming football game is Friday night.  The themes this week have been a lot of fun, and the office staff has dressed up as a group each day (except Monday, which was Gender Bender day).

Tuesday was Celebrity Day.  We couldn’t really think of any celebrities we could dress up as a group (other than maybe Kiss) and the high school kids would “get it”, so we decided to dress as Austin Powers characters.  Val and I definitely tamed down our outfits compared to what the girls in the movies wore.  AND – my costume was a total steal!  I was in Maurices and found this dress on the clearance rack for $6.95!  Cheaper than any costume I would have bought.

So here we are:  Val, Me, Mr. Matz (Vice Principal) as Austin Powers, Mr. Booth (Spanish) as Number Two, and Mr. Bensen (Principal) as Dr. Evil.

Mr. Bensen had us all take individual shots, and here are some of mine (I don’t like having my picture taken at all).  Fun.


And the group again.  One sad note, our  other secretary, Nisha, was home sick and didn’t make it in, so we’re missing her.

I love Spirit Week – it gives me an excuse to dress crazy!

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  1. Oh my goodness – these are GREAT!! Way to get into the SPIRIT!!

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