My Mom (Amy)

As written by Harley Davis:

“My Mom (Amy)”

Chapter 1 – Amy

Hello, my name is Harley, and I am going to tell you about my mom (Amy). She can get a mirgrain and when she has it she gets grouchy and starts to yell, and then I get in truble an get sent to my room adn can’t come out till dinner.

Chapter 2 – Happy

When my mom is ha she does not yell at me, and I do not get yelled at. But even when she is happy I back talk her and thats when things get funny. When it is just my mom and I alone she calls me her brown eyed girl. I love my mom very much.

Chapter 3 – Her

My mom is very tall and tan and she packs on her make up, and does her hair all preety. She is alrigic to bees and straw berries. When she gets stung by a bee she swells up when she eats strawberries she gets a rash.

Chapter 5 – Last Chapter (not sure what happened to Chapter 4)

I love my mom very much and I would not trade her for anything.

Harley gave this to me last night during her parent-teacher conferences. It made all three of us (Aaron, Scott, and me) laugh really hard, but I was afraid her poor teacher was going to keel over she was laughing so hard!

So, I guess I have a confession to make. I do get migraines, and I do get cranky. I guess I’ll be watching how I talk to the girlies when I feel so badly. I will say, though, that I guarantee I DON’T “pack on” my make up, rather, I don’t wear much at all most of the time. I love that Harley likes to write stories, use her imagination, and be creative even when it involves stories about me (good or not).

0 thoughts on “My Mom (Amy)

  1. I LOVE it!! What a great letter & good for you for “posting” it to remember always!!

    Keep writing Harley… it will take you places! 🙂

  2. Oh’ man, that is so funny.
    Reminds me of a letter Deven wrote about me. I love that you posted it!

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