My Baby Angel

My Baby Angel. Reagan Saige. Little Monkey. Little ding-dong. I can’t believe that my baby, the youngest child in our house, turned five. It is an ominous number, kind of like turning 25 or 30. It is that first “big” number for a kid. Five means you’re a big girl, not a baby girl (though she still insists I call her Baby Angel). It means you get to start Kindergarten in the fall and go to school all-day long like your big sisters instead of half days like the “little” kids. It means you thing you know everything.

It also means your mommy has to realize its time to loosen up a little bit on the reins, to give you a little more freedom (though not a lot). Its time for you to start learning on your own a little more and exploring the world as you see it.

For me, Reagan turning five is a wild ride. This child who I love so much is the one who tells me with one breath that I am the best mommy in the world and she never wants to grow up because she always wants to be my little girl, and in the next breath tells me that she thought the Proactiv I bought was supposed to clear up the acne on my face ~ and I quote . . . “but Mom, I thought it was supposed to clear up your face!” (said to me one morning after she asked if I had been using it). She’s the same one who barrels out of the babysitters’ door in the afternoon to greet me with a jumping hug and kiss, but wipes off the bedtime kisses because they’re “yucky”.

She is precocious, energetic, spunky, emotional, a girly-girl, a tom-boy, a giggle monster, and a personality. She is my heart.

Here’s my Birthday Girl!

Reagan got to have her first ever friend birthday party today. She had five of her friends over (below from left: Bailey, Reagan, Madison, Emma, and Michael). Cousin Cade came over, too, but he had to go home early to watch his dad’s baseball games (Brett is the coach of BMCCs Baseball Team). They had a good time opening gifts, playing games, eating cake & ice cream, and just being four and five year olds! When next school year rolls around, Emma, Reagan, Bailey, and Michael will all be starting Kindergarten at ACH together. Madison is in Kindergarten already, and Cade will start Kindergarten in Athena.

with cousin Bailey and Madison

Bailey, Reagan, and Cade

She wanted EVERYTHING Tinkerbelle, so I even made a Tinkerbelle cake. I sure don’t think it’s my best effort, but not too shabby for an amateur!

Bailey and Emma were staying for a sleep-over (another first for Reagan), and after everyone else went home, the three of them played dress-up and princesses with Big Sister, Harley. They had a blast! Harley was loving having all the “groupies” to play with. It was really fun to watch! I let them put a little make up (lipstick and eye-shadow) on, and they were the belles of the ball!

And, only because most of the time she’s too cool to let me even see her doing this, I had to post a picture of my Emma. As it turns out, she does still have a little “kid” left in her that she lets loose every now and then. I will say, though, as soon as she saw me take this picture, I got the “Mooooooooooooooom! Don’t take my picture doing that!”

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  1. It is always a treat to see your latest post of “The Girls”. It takes me back to when my girls were that age. It passes quickly! Enjoy every minute!!


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