I am so Lucky!

I had a photo session Saturday, and I had to travel quite a ways (Wallowa County). I went as far as my mom and dad’s house Friday night and spent the night, then went on to Enterprise on Saturday morning.

I had the BEST session! It was for a Senior boy from Baker City, and we were taking some of his pictures on a ranch his mom’s grandfather owned. “V” is named after that grandfather, and some of his pictures are identical (as close as we could get without a horse and cows) to some of his grandfather. We had the best time, “V” is hilarious (I laughed the entire time), and his mother is very very sweet and funny, as well!

Here’s a few of “V” on the original Ford tractor his grandfather purchased in the 1970s.

So, on the way home, I got to take my time and really enjoy the scenery of Wallowa County! The day was beautiful ~ sunny and 70 degrees. No better day for a nice drive.

The stunning scenery continued all the way home, as the views coming down Cabbage Hill were gorgeous, as well!

My parents have a new cat, “Boots”. He was a stray that hung around their house for several days before my dad finally caved in and fed him a little. Then he got an infected foot, so my mom and dad took him to the vet to have it looked at and to get him neutered. He is now officially their cat. He’s the cutest little thing, and he is so friendly! He loves to be held and petted. The girls are going to love him, and I’m sure he’s going to wallow in all the attention they’ll give him.

I hope everyone is having a great Spring Break so far!

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