I am on a new journey in my life – one that started almost a year ago.  I don’t know how far I’ve made it along the path, but I do know its been a great adventure! It hasn’t a... Read More
One of the tasks that gets done frequently at the golf course is changing the water coolers – exchanging fresh, cold water out for the coolers that have been used.  When the weather is really h... Read More
of the Betts Gene The first part of the dose is the inherited clumsiness.  I can’t walk across a flat piece of ground without tripping.  The second part of the double dose is the stupid freak ... Read More
A slideshow showing all the steps it takes to change the location of the pins/cups on the greens of the golf course. Follow **At times you’ll find some affiliate links scattered within my post, ... Read More
I am loving my job at Buffalo Peak Golf Course.  I really enjoy all the people I work with, the jobs vary daily so I never get bored, and the patrons are so cool! There are several groups of older re... Read More
One of the hardest things, to me, about moving, is that all of the routines and “order” in my life kind of just go out the window.  I am a very routine-oriented person, and I have a very ... Read More
Last week I moved. It was a day that relieved a lot of stress and worry for me and many people around me. Even with that positive result, though, it was very bittersweet and difficult. I hate leaving ... Read More