Better Late Than Never

This weekend I have been at a scrapbooking retreat, and I finally started working on Emma’s high school scrapbooks.  Never mind that she graduates in two months. 😉  These retreats are fant... Read More

The Shirts

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Our team name for the 3 Rivers race was “Old and Bold”.  Harley drew a picture of an old man with a cane as the “O” in Old, and a young, strong man as the “O” in B... Read More

Valentine’s Cookies

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When it comes to holiday parties at school for the girls, I usually have really grandiose ideas and plans, but I generally don’t plan well and end up doing something different in the long run. ... Read More

Color Me Pink & Call Me Martha

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I have been on a quest over the past several years.  A quest for the perfect Advent Calendar for our family to use.  I didn’t want to buy the disposable ones with candy in them for the girls ... Read More